匿名: same with me! no professional dance lessons, although next year I'm signing up for contemporary dance at my school! I am actually too shy to see how I look when I dance >//< occasionally I'll set up my laptop and open up the webcam to see myself dance haha wow, I think you've definitely been dancing longer than me! how long have you've been dancing for? ^^ I totally agree, sm has really nice dances! exo's history may be one of my favorite routines.

Naw all i do is range wiggles xD but cool you signed up for a class. That will be really fun! My fav routine so far is growl xD

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o emilyblincoe:

tulum, mexico
march 2014
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Thank you for the compliment :] why don’t you work on some portfolios that express different themes. like, what i do with exo, each time i make a group of graphics that focus on one theme like superheroes, another theme is quote, another theme is idioms. things like that, but using different materials since you are allowed to take different classes. i think that would be really cool!

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sehuw: I will do that, i hope i can do it with time lol.

go you! hwaiting :] let me know when you got something okie?

o verrsailles:

original pic Marianne Breslauer
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printedapples: I'm studying fine art right now but I'm really unsure of what to do in the future. (I really like your blog, and hello :> nice to meet you)

hello! wow! like fine arts as in everything? it’s alright to be unsure. just pick something you think you like the best and pursue that one even more. thank you for your compliment :] nice to meet you too! what type or art classes you like the most?

o uusan:

1 x 2 x 3 from Lovetokki ♥ Enter the code uusan for a discount + gift (Please do not remove)
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calamightyjane: huuuum i did pretty good on a provincial scale (no wins but a good score) , i've won 2nd place in teams and I did a few international competitions. I was pretty awful on my own haha, but we got a 3rd place once! Yeah I thought fencing was really classy before I started, and even though I still think that way, it was a lot harder physically than what i expected, which was great haha!

you were a great team-player then. that’s an awesome trait to have. yeah i heard it’s a really tough sport and it works the whole body. i have never tried but i have always thought it looks awesome. so what do you do now? 

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sehuw: I like differents writting styles, but when i try change my style i can't write anything lol.

xDDD then stick to one and get REALLY good at it, and then slowly transition :]

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